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Leer en español - Lire en français

By Ernie Nolan, Member of the Executive Committee

글쓴이: 얼니 놀란, 위원회 회원 

Feeling Connected when Being Apart is Imperative

서로가 떨어져 있을 때 연결되어 있음을 느끼는 것은 반드시 필요합니다. 

Unprecedented. Unheard-of. Extraordinary. These are just a few of the words that have been
used to describe the past few weeks, but I would use another word… BUSY! As I practice being
“safer at home,” it seems like there is always something to do to help my theatre get through
this difficult, difficult time. Scrolling through Facebook while drinking my morning coffee, I can’t
relate to those who write about being bored stuck at home. For those of us who run theatre
companies, it feels like the work is never ending and crucial decisions for survival need to be
made every day.
A colleague of mine with Disaster Management experience recently put out a message with
suggestions on how to lead during these challenging times. “Gather, consolidate, and clarify
information,” was her first recommendation. “Spend time listening,” was her second. Her
advice has certainly proven helpful. Whether talking to staff, reporting to my board, or
commiserating with colleagues, never has communication been so needed and important.
Is it just me, or does it seem like there are now more platforms to communicate and meet on
than ever before? Whether Zoom, Teams, Google Hangout, GoToMeeting, RingCentral, and
good old FaceTime, those are just the business options, not to mention SnapChat, Marco Polo,
and House Party.
One of the positive things to come out of this demanding time, is the way my essential work
communications have inspired personal ones. While isolated, I feel lucky enough to have
reconnected with friends across the country and globe. It’s never felt easier and more
necessary. (Especially once I figured out multiple global time zones correctly.) In fact, every late
Monday afternoon I’m able to walk away from my desk and stop working to participate in a
standing Zoom “Happy Hour” with four other ASSITEJ friends. There’s a lot of listening (and
laughing) going on during those catch ups. They are also a wonderful opportunity to explore the
third and final point shared by my Disaster Management colleague, “Assume no one is
experiencing this like you are.”
The reports and updates you are about to read from other ASSITEJ centers are also following
the principles that I described above. I hope that you will spend time reading about these
multiple perspectives and come away feeling connected when being apart is imperative.


전례없는, 들어보지 못한, 보기드문. 지난 몇 주를 묘사하는데 이 단어들이 자주 사용되었지만, 저는 ‘바쁨’이라는 단어로 표현하고 싶습니다. “집에서 안전하게(safer at home)”를 몸소 실천해면서, 제 극장이 이런 어려운 시기를 극복하기 위해 받을 수 있는 도움은 항상 어디에나 있는 것 같습니다. 아침에 커피를 마시며 페이스북을 보다보면, 사람들이 집에 갇혔기 때문에 지루하다며 쓴 글에 저는 공감할 수 없었습니다. 극장을 운영하는 사람들에게 일이란 절대 끝나지 않는 그리고 매일매일을 살아남기 위한 중요한 결정을 내려야 할 것으로 느껴집니다.
최근에 재난 관리에 대한 경험이 있는 직장 동료가 이러한 어려운 시기를 어떻게 이끌어 나갈 것인가에 대한 제안의 메시지를 보내왔습니다. “모임, 통합, 그리고 명확한 정보” 가 그녀의 첫 번째 건의사항이었습니다. 두 번째로 “다른 사람들 말 듣기” 였습니다. 그녀의 조언은 확실히 도움이 되었습니다. 스태프들과 대화하거나, 이사회에 보고하거나, 동료들을 위로하는 것 이외에 의사소통이 이렇게 필요하고 중요하게 여겨졌던 적은 없었던 것 같습니다.  

이런 느낌은 단지 저만의 생각일까요? 아니면 현재 더 많은 대화와 만남의 플랫폼이 과거에 비해 더 많아진 것일까요? Zoom, Teams, 구글 행아웃, GoToMeeting, RingCentral 그리고 항상 써오던 페이스타임 등의 온라인 커뮤니케이션 툴은 스냅챗, 마르코폴로, 하우스 파티와 같은 주제들을 말할 수 없는 그저 비즈니스를 위한 옵션일 뿐이었습니다.    

이런 힘든 시기에서 발생할 수 있는 긍정적인 부분 중 하나는 가장 필수적인 업무 대화 방식이 개인적인 대화 방식에 영향을 준 것 입니다. 자가격리를 할 때, 전세계에 있는 친구들과 다시 연락할 수 있게 된 것에 대하여 저는 운이 좋다고 생각합니다. 그 어느 때보다도 이것이 더 쉽거나 더 중요하다고 여겨진 적이 없습니다. (특히, 제가 전세계의 시차를 확실히 이해 한 이후 말입니다.) 사실, 늦은 월요일 오후마다 업무에서 벗어나 4명의 아시테지 친구들과 함께 Zoom으로 화상 통화하는 “해피 아우어(Hapy Hour)”에 참여하는 시간을 가질 수 있었습니다. 서로의 안부를 묻는 시간에는 서로 많이 듣고 또 웃었습니다. 이 경험은 재난 관리 동료에 의해 공유된 세 번째 및 마지막 포인트를 분석하는데 아주 좋은 기회이기도 했습니다. “당신이 경험하는 것들을 똑같이 경험하는 사람이 있다고 추정해선 안 됩니다”  

다른 아시테지 센터에서 읽을 수 있는 레포트와 업데이트는 위에서 제가 언급한 원칙을 따르고 있습니다. 여러분이 이 다양한 관점들을 읽는데 시간을 내주시길 바라며 서로가 떨어져있을 때 연결되어 있음을 느껴보시길 바랍니다.  





ASSITEJ Japan / ASSITEJ International

아시테지 일본/ 아시테지 세계본부


POSTPONEMENT of the 20th ASSITEJ World Congress & Performing Arts Festival / MIRAI 2020

<제 20회 아시테지 세계총회 및 2020 미라이(MIRAI) 공연예술축제> 연기 



>>Read the announcement here<<




COVID-19 & TYA: A global snapshot

코로나19 & TYA : 세계 소식

Minister for Hope for the Future



A Letter to the Danish Minister for Culture:
"...Joy Mogensen – you are Minister (...) for Hope for the Future. You are Minister for The Art of Creating Identity. You are Minister for The Art of Dreaming the Impossible.

You have said that culture cannot be put into a spreadsheet. And yet you seem to struggle a bit with definitions.

The RETURN ON INVESTMENT in culture cannot be put into a spreadsheet. What is the cost of hope for the future? Probably many millions, if you ask me. But what does it cost TO CREATE hope for the future? It costs money. It costs funding for theatres, education of artists. It costs printed song sheets for community singing. And much more..."

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The second crisis affecting TYA in Zambia


Zambia has not been spared by the coronavirus pandemic which is currently ravaging the world. The country has however not been affected so much as we so far have had only thirty-nine cases recorded with one death. It is worth noting that our health care system is quite limited and the detection of the virus may not be as accurate.

The Zambian situation has been made worse by the fact that two months ago, the country witnessed an unprecedented phenomenon never seen before in the history of the country where there was some mysterious poisoning and gassing of people’s homes and some public places by some unknown people.

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A Postcard from Lockdown UK

영국의 Lockdown 중에 도착한 엽서


아시테지 영국

Many children and their adults are embarking on a new adventure: home-schooling. Humans love to learn, and none more than children. Some parents are trying to recreate the school environment in their houses, others are finding less formal, more creative ways to support their children's natural curiosities. Creativity in lockdown is inspiring. (...) 

But we must not forget the many children who are in precarious places right now in the UK, with no access to the internet and less than stable family conditions without so much as a local park to let off steam in. These are the children who will be needing us the most on the other side, if we can but reach them.

많은 어린이들과 그들의 보호자들은 ‘홈스쿨링’ 이라는 새로운 모험을 시작했다. 모든 사람들이 그렇지만 어린이만큼 배우는 것을 좋아하는 사람도 없다. 몇몇 부모들은 집에서 학교 환경을 재현하기도 하고 아니면 덜 형식적이지만 더 창의적인 방법으로 아이들의 자연스러운 호기심을 불러일으킬 수 있는 환경을 제공하기 위한 노력을 한다. 자가격리(Lockdown)는 창의성은 불러일으키는 수단이 된다...

하지만 우리는 현재 영국 내에서 안정적인 가정환경이 가지지 못한, 인터넷을 사용할 수 없거나 동네에 뛰어 놀 수 있는 공원이 없는 불안정한 곳에서 살고 있는 아이들을 잊으면 안 된다.  만약 우리의 손길이 닿을 수 있다면, 이 아이들이야 말로 우리들의 도움이 가장 필요할 것이다.

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Theatre in Times of Coronavirus


They say the artist is the person who is firstly in touch with himself, in touch with humanity and grooms the closest relationship with nature. Therefore, this is even a sadder moment for all art makers around the world as its shaking and tearing apart the humane, social and cultural fabric we have managed to sew and knit together after many years of war, violence, bigotry, separatism, terrorism, apartheid etc.

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Extraordinary vitality and creativity




Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Serbian art scene is facing extraordinary circumstances. Just as during the 1990’s war in the region, or catastrophic floods of 2014, artists in Serbia were among the first to react to events that plague society. In addition to affirming the value of this sector as an important subject in society, professional theatre and dance scene for children and young people demonstrate their extraordinary vitality and creativity. 

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As the whole world works now virtually it is not easy to reach the small children

Small Size Network

As the whole world works now virtually it is not easy to reach the small children. This was revealed also in the big Small size zoom, organized 3.4.The meeting was long, we spoke for more than four hours and at one moment there were 40 members online! There is a big need of connecting now.


Photo: Corona monster bird by Haddah, 4 years old

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Be strong, be brave, be steadfast

ASSITEJ New Zealand 

“...I too felt pressure to produce and perform. I felt guilty that I wasn’t doing enough, that I wasn’t using my platform to be of great service right away. But then I realized — I don’t know how to do that yet. There was a real possibility I might burn myself out producing something mediocre instead of figuring out what might be most useful. So I gave myself permission to slow down.”  

So slow down. Take time to think about your values and your audiences. Nourish yourself and your ecosystem. Connect and collaborate.

Kia kaha, kia māia, kia manawanui. Be strong, be brave, be steadfast.

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The situation is worse for TYA artists, as they depend on schools


Germany is a federal country with 16 states that are each responsible for funding arts and culture. This means that artists are confronted with very different situations depending on where they are based. Some federal states have acted fast and set aside funds for artists in need. The situation is, of course, most difficult for those working on a freelance basis. 

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A loss of 1.75 million USD

1.75만 달러의 손실


ASSITEJ Korea has lead a survey on the damage cases of the TYA sector caused by Covid-19.

Around 184 cancellations and up to 117 postponements of the shows and the educational programs have resulted in a loss of 1.75 million dollars (estimated) over the past two months due to Covid-19 outbreak.

(photo: A major performing arts district, Daehak-ro, no longer on the move )

아시테지 코리아는 코로나19로 인한 TYA 부문의 피해 사례에 대한 조사를 실시 하였다.
아시테지 코리아가 실시한 설문 조사 결과에 따르면, 코로나19로 인한 공연 및 교육 프로그램의 취소는 184건, 연기는 117 건으로 지난 2 개월간 175 만 달러(추정액) 정도의 피해를 입었다.

(코로나19 여파로 인적 없는 문화예술의 거리, 대학로)

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The Norwegian Dugnad

In Norway we have this great word – dugnad – which means a joint voluntary effort to make it work based on what you can contribute with. This is what is happening right now in Norway - everyone is doing their fair share to avoid that the Corona-virus situation will be the downfall of our industries, including the arts. The Norwegian government, funding institutions – public and private – have all decided to join in on the Dugnad. Here is how….


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The Arts Community is Amazing

놀라운 아트 커뮤니티

ASSITEJ Australia

아시테지 호주

The Arts community is amazing – so much kindness and sharing of anything from food and toilet paper (!) to resources and grant opportunities. Children are at home and there are lots of resources to help parents entertain and keep kids occupied. But vulnerable children are very much at risk. 

호주 아트 커뮤니티(Arts community)는 따듯한 친절함을 베풀며 음식과 화장실 휴지(!)를 나눠주는 것부터 자원과 보조금 취득의 기회까지 제공하며 우리를 놀라게 했다. 집에는 어린이들이 있고 또 부모님들이 아이들을 즐겁고 한 가지에 몰두하게 만들기 위한 많은 자료들이 있다. 그렇지만 취약한 어린이들은 많은 위험에 노출되어 있다. 

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The Irish government reacted fast

아일랜드 정부의 발빠른 대처


아시테지 아일랜드

The Irish government reacted fast and with a good awareness of the impact on the private sector in Ireland. More than 230,000 people applied for the Covid19 emergency payment of 350 euro per week for 12 weeks. Most artists were eligible for the emergency payment and the Arts Council honoured any contracts affected by the lockdown itself.

아일랜드 정부는 발 빠르게 대처하며 민간 부분에서 받고 있는 영향에 대해 좋은 의식을 가지고 있다. 코로나19로 인한 영향으로 230,000명이 넘는 사람들이 12주 동안 주당 350유로를 수여 받을 수 있는 긴급 구호금을 지원 신청했다. 대부분의 아티스트들은 긴급 구호금에 대해서 보상받을 권리가 있으며, 영국예술협회(Arts Council)에서는 자가격리(lockdown)에 영향을 받은 어떠한 계약 건도 인정하겠다고 공표했다.
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The federal government has been awfully inconsistent


The situation of Covid-19 in Brazil brings a lot of concern. The federal government has been awfully inconsistent in the way it faces the pandemic. Although a week ago the Congress approved emergency measures to offer financial support to informal workers – most theatre people included – the president and the Ministry of Economy have sat on them based on supposed legal matters.

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COVID-19: Initatives & Resources

코로나 19: 계획 & 자원





아시테지 이탈리아

COLORAVIRUS aims to be a meeting point or, like a festival, a place to enlighten the importance of our sector and to maximise the impact of all the qualitative projects that are going to be produced even in this period. If theatres are in lockdown, our creativity is still alive.

If you are an artist or you run a company, a festival or a theatre, if you are doing any activity on the web, and you'd like to be part of COLORAVIRUS' special programme, you can send us your proposal, such as a piece of your artistic work, a reading, a creative tutorial or the link to the event you are programming. This might be included in the next #COLORAVIRUS episodes.

코로나바이러스'는 만남의 장소 또는 페스티벌 같이 우리 분야의 중요성을 일깨우고 이런 시기에도 불구하고 제작될 모든 질적인 프로젝트들의 영향을 극대화하는 것을 목표로 한다. 만약 극장이 폐쇄된다고 해더라도 우리들의 창의성(creativity)은 계속 살아있을 것이다.

만약 당신이 예술가이거나 페스티벌 또는 극장을 운영하고 있다면, 또는 온라인에서 어떠한 활동이라도 하고 있다면, 당신은 ‘코로나바이러스’의 특별 프로그램에 참여할 수 있다. 지원자는 스스로 창작한 예술작품, 읽기 자료, 창의적인 튜토리얼 및 프로그래밍 에 대한 링크를 제출하면 된다. 전송된 콘텐츠들은 다음 #코로나바이러스 에피소드에 선정될 예정이다.

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Resources & inspiration from TYA/USA

TYA 미국의 자원과 영감

TYA/USA is working to support the national field of TYA in the US through emergency webinars, peer-to-peer exchange calls, and resource sharing.  

All of our resources in response to COVID-19 will be posted here: http://www.tyausa.org/covid19/

We've launched a new weekly publication called TYA@Home, sharing all of the content that TYA theatres are creating or sharing online. All of the issues can be found here: http://www.tyausa.org/publications/tyahome/

Here is the series of webinars we're offering this week, with recordings that we will make available to the international community: https://madmimi.com/p/2449701/preview

TYA 미국은 미국 내의 TYA 분야에서 긴급으로 웨비나(Webinar - 인터넷상의 세미나), P2P(peer-to-peer) 전화 교환 그리고 자원 공유를 지원한다.

코로나19에 대응하기 위해, 현재 보유하고 있는 모든 자원들은 이 링크에 업로드 될 예정이다.

우리는 TYA@Home이라는 인쇄물을 새롭게 매주 발간하고 있으며, TYA극장에서 창작하고 온라인으로 공유하고 있는 콘텐츠를 포함하고 있다.  모든 발행본들은 이 링크를 통해 확인할 수 있다:  http://www.tyausa.org/publications/tyahome/

우리가 이번주에 제공하는 웨비나 시리즈는 이 링크에서 확인가능하며, 국제커뮤니티를 위해 촬영된 영상물도 확인할 수 있다.  




ASSITEJ Spain offers dramatic texts for free download

아시테지 스페인에서 연극관련 텍스트를 무료로 제공

Leer en español

In response to the current pandemic crisis that has led to the confinement of citizens in towns and cities, several entities have generously offered a part of their work in a virtual way.

ASSITEJ Spain offers, in its web page, different texts published in its Theatre Collection, for free download.

This is an invitation to enjoy playwriting for children and young people, from home.



시민과 도시를 격리시킨 현재 판데믹 위기상황에 대응하는 방법으로 각 독립단체들이 자신들이 해오던 작품들을 온라인상으로 아낌없이 제공하고 있다. 

아시테지 스페인의 웹사이트에서 다양한 종류의 글이 ‘연극모음집(Theatre Collection)’에 게시되며 이 자료들을 무료로 다운로드 할 수 있도록 제공합니다.

아시테지 스페인은 집에서 극작과정을 즐길 수 있도록 하는 이 기회에 어린이와 청소년을 초대합니다.


Share your online activities

Upside Down World Day of Theatre is still running

A group of ASSITEJ Centres have created "Upside Down World Day of Theatre for Young Audiences". The slogan is "Take the THEATRE to a CHILD, Today!" The campaign on Facebook is an open space for all members to share the online resources. Due to the unprecedented state of crisis in the world, we are going to continue to run this event for the foreseeable future.

View all open calls

Discover various open calls concerning TYA!

TYA에 관련한 다양한 기회들을 확인하세요!

NEXT GENERATION RESIDENCY 2020 at Schöne Aussicht/ Bright View 2020: Call for applications




Schöne Aussicht/ Bright View 2020 invites 10 people (18-35 years), living and working in Europe, to participate in the NEXT GENERATION RESIDENCY 2020.




⏰ Deadline: 3 May 2020

🗓 Dates: 20 - 27 June 2020
🌍 Stuttgart, Germany

Read the call >>>


Post doctoral position in Norway in performances for early years

어린이를 위한 공연 연구 박사과정 모집


아시테지 노르웨이  

The University of Stavanger invites applicants for a 2 year Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the field of Performing Arts and Aesthetics at the Faculty of Art and Education Department of Early Childhood Education.


⏰ Deadline: 27 April
🗓 August 2020 - 2022

🌍 Stavanger, Norway  

Stavanger 대학교의 ‘유아교육의 예술 및 교육’ 학부에서 총 2년 과정의 ‘공연예술과 미학’ 분야의 박사과정 지원신청을 시작한다.

마감기한: 2020년 4월 27일
기간: 2020년 8월~2022년 8월
장소: 노르웨이 Stavanger

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Arts for Good Fellowship 2020: call for applications

좋은 유대관계를 위한 예술2020 프로그램 지원신청 시작



 Are you passionate about using the arts for good? Join the Singapore International Foundation’s Arts for Good Fellowship 2020 today and join a community of international arts practitioners for positive social change.


⏰ Deadline: 26 April 2020
🌍 Singapore 

여러분은 예술을 좋은 곳에 사용하는 것에 대해 관심이 있나요? 오늘 국제 싱가폴 재단의 Arts for Good Fellowship 2020와 긍정적인 사회적 변화를 위한 국제예술 전문가 커뮤니티에 가입하세요. 

마감기한: 2020년 4월 26일
장소: 싱가폴

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Call for papers: 6th. International Theatre for Children & Young People Research and Critics Forum


The goal of these Forums is to make a theoretical contribution to TYA professionals, to promote the development of new trends, and to reflect on TYA challenges in the 21st. Century. During the meeting different theoretical frameworks on critical approaches will be proposed and the role of theory in practice and practice in theory will be discussed. The 6th FORUM expects to be a platform for exchange.

The topic of this 6th Forum will be:

“The politically correct issues in TYA today”

The program includes conferences, paper readings, plenary sessions, round tables, and debates presented by TYA researchers and professionals from different countries and continents.

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